Paso Fino... The Smoothest Riding Horse

A breeder that stands apart from the rest...

With over 20 years of experience in breeding, training and showing, Fantasy Paso Finos prides itself on its quality of Paso Fino horses.

Fantasy’s breeding program starts with the careful selection of sire and dam. Each match is chosen from careful examination of bloodlines, temperament, beauty, conformation & movement. Fantasy requires that each mate compliments each others qualities.

Fantasy Paso Finos also provides meticulous health care to all of its horses as well as all horses being raised with a loving touch. Fantasy Paso Finos owner, Barb Perich, personally spends time daily with the horses, giving them human bonding time and creating a foundation of trust that is crucial to positive training experiences and in creating the ideal equine partner.

Fantasy Paso Finos consistently offers a variety of extraordinary Paso Fino Horses of all levels. Whether you are looking for an enjoyable trail mount or an exciting National Level show horse, Fantasy Paso Finos has your next Equine Companion.​

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